Photographic Icons Vol I

Book and Exhibition Catalogue by Sandra Jensen

Our first product out of the press is an exhibition catalogue by the international acclaimed Norwegian photographer Sandra Jensen.

The exhibition catalogue consists of 30+ self-portraits where Sandra Jensen is the photographer, model, makeup artist and stylist. She is staging herself with many different faces, which refers to the marketing concepts of TL Design’s nail lacquer collections. For each year there are four new faces from Sandra Jensen.

In this first exhibition catalogue you will also see images that has not been used by TL Design. These images is shown here for the first time.

The Norwegian beauty company TL Design used the photographs in a long going marketing campaign that have been taken place for several years. TL Design is a publishing partner in this project, which is collaboration between Sandra Jensen, TL Design and Lundh Publishing.

Design by Karl Henrik Lundh/Lundh Publishing.

This exhibition catalogue is the LUMI 3 release.

This book is the LUMI 4 release.

Exhibition Catalogue: Sandra Jensen Photographic Icons Part I - International Edition
Price: NOK 129, €15, £41, $21 + shipping and handling.

Book: Sandra Jensen Photographic Icons Vol I - International Edition
Price: NOK 350, €41, £37, $59 + shipping and handling.

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Sandra Jensen Photographic Icons Vol I

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