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Lundh Publishing offers Fine Art Photography Books and PhotoFolios.


Two new fine art photography books is now released.

sky+line - Manhattan New York City =>


Staring at the sea =>

Not quite like the others

We are not a traditional paper publishing company, but more like an independent record label, or something.
Follow us an you will see...


Every object we release, physical or otherwise, is named LUMI. LUMI is short for Lundh Media Icons (arrogantly said) and, to reflect our vision, Luminous. This web site is our first publication, therefore it's named LUMI 1 and officially released in May 2009.

Limited Editions

As a small publishing company Lundh Publishing issues only limited edition Fine Art Photography Books and PhotoFolios. Each book or PhotoFolio are signed and numbered by the artist. Most of the publications are therefore only available until the edition runs out.

Other services

Lundh Publishing offers fine art photography book design, digital hand printing of PhotoFolios and exhibition and archival exhibition quality images. In addition we offer development of press releases, marketing materials and web site development to support the publishing of Fine Art Photography Books and PhotoFolios.


sky+line fine art photography book by Karl Henrik Lundh

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